Hello. Thanks for visiting. My name is, Michael Badillo. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I create art assets for video games and other fun projects.

Software Licenses

I purchased a license to use the following tools.


I enjoy scripting with the following list of languages.


I use the production software listed below. I have experience managing and merging svn art branches from external art teams.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." - John Muir

Game Credits

Here's a list of some of the games I worked on. You can click on the youtube link to check videos of the game. Click on the metacritic link to view the metacritic score.


Here you'll find media from past projects. I'm currently updating this section with more content. Thanks for your patience.

Oddmobb -> Xmobb (2009-2011)

xmobb_stadium_01.PNG xmobb_stadium_02.PNG xmobb_stadium_03.PNG xmobb_stadium_04.PNG

Over the course of the two year Xmobb work experience I learned many new ideas about startups and software development. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to work with some amazing and talented people. Our core team went from working on a product out of our individual home offices with 10am skype-scrum meetings to creating an impressive product demo, to receiving funding from VC, getting office space and hiring more people.

Death Jr (2006-2008)

I rendered these Death Jr. marketing images for Backbone Entertainment / Foundation 9. These images were printed for Play magazine and GDC. If you prefer comics you might like the Death Jr. comic book.[Note: I did not work on the comic book.]

Test Drive 2k ( 2000 )

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For each of the characters shown above are 6 looping, prerendered animations. The animations were created for the hud in the PS2/Xbox game Test Drive 2k. 3d modeling, skin weighting, and biped animation were created in 3dsmax.(Art Direction: Lee Petty. Concepts/Textures: David Gustlin)

ZDTV Commercials ( 1999 )

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I worked for Andrew Guevara, creating zdtv commericals with 3dsmax. The super-talented-and-awesome-to-work-for, Andrew Guevara, received several awards for these commercials. (Art Direction: Andrew Guevara)

SimPark and SimSafari ( 1995-1998 )

elephant_run elephant_walk giraffe_run giraffe_walk buffalo_walk wilddog_walk hyena_run flamingo abdimsstork martialeagle plover vulture ostrich_walkup ostrich_walkdown hippo_walkdown hippo_walkup lion_walkdown lion_walkup

I animated 8-bit (256 color), orthographic animals and humans for the educational games SimPark and SimSafari. These products were developed by Maxis, the company founded by Will Wright.


My Growing Baby

Click on the image below to load Unity3d webplayer.

my_growing_baby image

My Growing Baby is a prototype pregnancy app simulating the fetus in the womb. Unity3d plugin required.
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I started to write melscript files in the year 2005. If you are using an older version of Maya then some of these scripts might be useful. And if you are trying to learn to melscript, these files might be worth reviewing.

Click here for github repository. Or you can directly download these files below.


camera helper melscript image

This is one of the first scripts I wrote with the Maya embedded language. This script was written before Autodesk added the camera gizmo to Maya 2009. The script creates a window so you can toggle views. You can also reset the scene cameras. This comes in handy if you switch the maya scene file from z-up to y-up and vice versa.
Right click and Save Link As to Download file: cameraHelper.mel


camera helper melscript image

I had to replace a bunch of objects in my Maya scene with updated meshes. I wanted to keep the transformations of the existing objects, so I wrote copyObjectsWindow.mel to help replace the old meshes in scene with the new meshes. The objects in the selected array will become a copy or instance of the first object selected.
Right click and Save Link As to Download file: copyObjectsWindow.mel


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